The story

A long time ago, when I was eight years old, I made my first program in BASIC on a P2000T. I few years later I made my programs on a Commodore 128. After that, I used a Tandon 286 AT and a 486DX. In 1994, I bought my first own computer, a 486DX2 66Mhz.


When I made programs on a Commodore 128 I introduced my first trademark: FLA-Soft. When I moved to the PC-platform my trademark changed to FLA-Software. In 1991 I created the first version of Menu-System, what my biggest personal project would be. Since Menu-System version 3.0 my trademark changed again to FLA-Software-Systems. And since version 6.0 Menu-System was changed to Ultra Manager. In 1997 I left the DOS operating system and moved to Windows NT. The development of Ultra Manager stopped and I started some little new projects. Since 1998 I don't use any trademark, my projects are simply labeled Franckey. I have used different programming languages like C++, Pascal, PowerBasic, QuickBasic, Assembly, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, Delphi and C#.

In the past I created some applications and made them available as freeware, you can download them from this site. System Cleanup is the most popular tool, it has been downloaded many times and is mirrored on many sites over the world. My latest personal projects are all based on .NET, C# and XAML. These are my favorite techniques to build applications. My focus now is on UWP, WPF and .NET Core. I also like to play with techniques for websites. For this website I used JavaScript, Angular and Bootstrap.