Who's Franckey?
"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son,
that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16)
About God and Faith

Talking about God and faith is talking about things we cannot prove. That is why someone thinks it is unrealistic to believe in God. But do you really believe only things that are proven? You believe most things because people told you, and you think it is true. But in many cases, you cannot be sure.

Things that are out of our scope cannot be discovered by humans because of our limitations. And when we try to describe things that are out of our scope, we do not have the right words. But there are things out of our scope. There is more than we can sense.

The movie The Matrix is a fantastic movie and has a good script. It tells a story about our lives and things out of our scope. It is a fantasy movie but very realistic. The Bible tells a more realistic story, it is an old story because it is based on history, and it is even an actual story because it describes reality.

If God exists, he exists out of our scope. How can we describe God and how can we really know that God exists? We cannot! But if God exists then he can let us know that he exists. God created the whole universe including the earth. He created all life on earth, including humans. He is our designer!

God did not create robots. God give people on earth the ability to make their own choices. But the people want to be like God. That is why all people will die. But God still loves his creation. God became a human on earth! Jesus Christ was born! He died for everyone who believed him. This part is hard to understand. It combines two properties of God: He is righteous (the debt must be paid) and he is love (he paid the debt by himself). Even if you do not believe it: God loves you! Ichthus

Everyone who calls on Jesus will be saved!
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Ask God, Trust God and expect his blessings!